January 12th, 2009


что скрывал последний злой патрон

David Proeber/The Pantagraph/AP

Роберт Сильвестер, подозреваемый в четырех ограблениях банков, выпрыгивает с пистолетом из своего автомобиля на хайвее у города Normal, штат Иллинойс, 5 января 2009 года. Несколько часов спустя он был застрелен полицией (via photo_polygon).

Update: Dee Sylvester says police have the wrong man. “He was a hard worker and made good money and he never had a theft problem. They keep bringing up all his bad past but he never had a theft problem.” Sylvester's criminal history includes drunken driving and domestic battery. Despite that, Dee says Robert loved his kids and would do anything for them. “He was a really good person. People that knew of him knew differently. I've had a lot of phone calls this morning and I just tell them not to believe what you see in the paper.”

Update 2: Friends described the same man Tuesday as “a character” known for luck and boldness at the poker table. His family described the longtime ironworker as a good husband and father. “He was polite, always funny. He was well-liked,” said Dean Derbyshire, who runs a card club Sylvester used to frequent.

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